Our character rolling session/session 0 was a success! We spent about 4 hours generating characters from scratch, or, more accurately, my son and son-in-law spent about 4 hours. With my DM/GM hat on, I officiated the session. I did have some ground rules:

  • No exotic races
  • Generally ‘good’ characters
  • The characters had to be related, or best friends

And then we generally followed the steps in the PHB (Players Handbook).

It was quite amazing how they worked together, to ensure their characters complimented one another. Good on them!

After they named their characters, I plugged them into the companion campaign site: To Rescue Chauntea’s Fire and Sword (be sure to follow along).

Because I wanted them to feel ‘heroic’ I had them create 3rd level characters. I also allowed them to have the maximum number of HP for their Race/Class.

EDIT: This actually occurred several months ago. I guess I forgot to hit the ‘Publish’ button. 😦 We’re actually into Chapter 2. I need to update the campaign site for Chapter 1, too.