It’s time for a small terminology change: chapters. I’m constructing ‘chapters’ to the campaign story. We will RP each ‘chapter’ in one or more gaming sessions, or just sessions. Within each ‘chapter’, there will be 1 or more combat encounters, or just encounters.

This campaign will have many chapters. These chapters, for the most part, will be in support of the main quest story line. I plan on developing some side-quests for this campaign, therefore they’ll have their own chapters, too.

Each chapter, again primarily, will be to move the main story forward, or backward as the situation warrants. Therefore each chapter will have 1 or more encounters. An encounter will be an opportunity for the party to interact with the world around them. This could take the form of combat, but it could be just about anything.

Each chapter will have 1 or more sessions. I’m loosely planning on each gaming session to round about 4 hours. If we complete a chapter within that time frame: great. If we don’t, that’s great too.

And, in terms of preparation, I’m about 1 chapter ahead of the party. Meaning, we plan to start the next chapter this week because I have it planned and detailed enough to support a gaming session. However, I also have the next chapter broadly defined. My goal is to have the next chapter planned and detailed enough for the next session 1 month after the completion of the ‘current’ chapter.

That’s it for now. I’m busy creating hand-outs for my PCs and me for our next session.