Life, Reasons, and the Holiday Season has greatly diminished my progress to date. Couple that with vacillations on the setting and timeframe of my Campaign and you know why I haven’t recently generated any posts. However, I have a slight reprieve until after New Years and this now my plan:

  • Character Rolling Session on 6 January
  • Initial Encounter on 3 February
    • Generally defined by 6 January
    • Fully defined by 20 January

Going forward I’m going to use “2e” Forgotten Realms Map (The Atlas), backed with information from the Forgotten Realms Wiki, to source my locations and encounters. I will be using the 5e Rule set, to include Monster stats, when running the campaign.

Additionally, because I will be using the Forgotten Realms calendar as a campaign component, the setting will start 1372 DR, 1 Nightal. When it makes sense, I will be using local weather conditions for the various encounters.

When it comes to the various encounters my original goal was to be 2 encounters ahead of the currently ‘active’ encounter. I have already failed to meet that goal. Therefore I’m planning on being 1 encounter ahead of the ‘active’ encounter.

Campaign Notes

From what I have defined, I will share: The initial encounter will start in Waterdeep, but will continue in the Mahir Jungle.

It is during the Character Rolling Session, Encounter 00 will take place. I will introduce the party to the back story. I will enlighten them as to why they are partaking in this grand adventure. The back story will deposit them in from of the Inn of the Dripping Dagger, in Waterdeep. From there they will begin the campaign-proper.

Stay tuned…