Inspiration strikes at odd times.

I’ve been working on the campaign, but I’ve also been working on a “campaign-related” blog/website. It seemed like a natural extension to this site. However I could have also been inspired by other folks. For example: Blaine Pardoe is chronicling his D&D Campaign. I’m excited to follow his and his adventurer’s progress. (I found his site by way of the Google+ Community: G+ Tabletop Roleplaying Games).

My self-imposed goal is to have the companion site “read” like a fantasy adventure story/novel. The plan is to update the campaign site shortly after the RL (real life) sessions. I’m excited for it for 2 reasons: 1) friends and other interested folks can follow the adventure, and 2) my son will have a permanent record of this adventure he’s about to undertake.

I will share: working on the companion site has really helped me define the campaign backstory. I’m really excited about that (don’t let me fool you; I’m excited about all the things I create).

Until next time…