I now have a Goal, with Motivations, I can use to define the party’s Mission for this adventure. I’m very excited about the selection. Additionally, after I have some more details on the Mission, I’ll finally be able to ‘name’ the campaign. Plus, I’m going to start mapping out the over-arching narrative, figuratively and literally, over the coming days, weeks.

My current plan is to start scouting locations in the Forgotten Realms. I want to also pay attention to the distances and modes of travel. Sometimes we’ll be able to ‘role play’ through the traveling. Other times the party will have activities with which to engage.

I readily recognize the enormity of the task before me. That’s why I’m going to map out, at a high-level, the entirety of the campaign, locations and notes. And, instead of diving into the details of each encounter, I will focus on 2-3 encounters at a time. My goal: have up to 2 encounters ready to go while the party works through in a session or more.

There are numerous resources available to help with locations and maps. I have my handy-dandy The Forgotten Realms Atlas. That’s my ‘go to’ resource. There’s also a Forgotten Realms Wiki. I recently learned about Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. It’s the latest information on the Realms tailored for Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

I will use those for my “Big Picture” location scouting. I will be looking for various terrains and regions as each bring their own unique encounter opportunities.

When it comes time to pick more detailed maps I’m going to first look at Dyson’s Dodecahedron. The gentleman behind the site has a wealth of maps, many of which are freely available to use. After that, “Google’s my friend”, and I’ll peruse the Google+ Communities. I’m not worried about these maps.