Tonight I created 3 different high-level goals, along with their motivations. I will run each of them past some folks for their opinion, to see if I have a good starting hook, with potential for more discoveries. Once I select one, I’ll continue to define and fill-out the narrative. This narrative will drive the locations the party will have to visit. Well, ‘have to’ is a strong proposition; ‘strongly encouraged to’ is probably more accurate. I say this, because from this central narrative I will be plotting and inserting side-quests. There’s no telling what the party will do.

Here’s my technique, if you’re interested:

I kept it very low-tech: just a text file and text editor. I used the following format:

Goal: [single sentence description]
Motivation: [paragraph that sets the party in motion]
[notes to myself]

Essentially the Goal and Motivation are in-game content that will be shared with the party. The notes are out-of-game content not shared with the party.

Having a clear Goal allows me to introduce situations that either support it or undermine it. <insert evil laughter here>