I’ve started thinking about a campaign, an adventure, I want to create for my son and his friends. In the past I always loved creating the dungeons for my friends to explore. I have a feeling this time will be different.

I plan on using ideas from the many books I’ve read, the many movies & TV shows I’ve watched, the many games (video, board, card, and other RPGs) I’ve played, to craft an Epic Adventure replete with conflict-inducing side quests. I also plan on sharing the completed product. But that’s a long way off.

I already have some things sorted out: it’s going to take place in the Forgotten Realms; the adventure will start in Waterdeep; the adventure will span the known world; the adventure will span seasons; the adventure will span many ‘real life’ sessions.

Right now it will be a party of three: my son, his friend, and my son-in-law. Over time I hope to be able to add more players, however those 3 will be the nucleus of the group. While it’s not yet scheduled, I know our 1st session is going to be spent rolling up characters. At this time I will instruct them to form a tight relationship between the three: 3 brothers, 3 best friends; 3 cousins; a mixture of the 3. I’m also going to steer them towards more traditional races: human, elven, dwarven, halflings, etc. I’m also going to encourage them to come up with a (plausible) backstory. With any hope I’ll teach them how to Role Play and, for me, it starts with the backstory.

I also have some loose notes on a few things with which the party will be subjected. I mentioned to my son, “the campaign will be a mix of Indiana Jones, Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter, Call of Chthulu, Conan, Dr Who; it will have combat, conflict, puzzles, and traps; it will span regions and seasons; it will take place in buildings, in dungeons, in forests, at sea, under the sea, and everywhere in between.” I think his interest is piqued. One of the first things I thought of was the ‘opening sequence’, if you will. This will be the thing, or set of events, the kicks off the adventure. If I can get enough of the adventure defined, I might initiate it during our 1st session. Maybe.

However I still have many things to do and define. The most important thing, for me, is the over-arching narrative. What is the adventure this party will experience? Why are they going on this adventure? I really need to define this Big Goal. Once I have it defined I can then lay the locations and side quests on it as if it were a skeleton.

Additionally, I’ve reached out to the Google+ Community “G+ Tabletop Roleplaying Games” for advice and resources for creating this adventure. I’ve had some excellent suggestions and I’ll be sharing them as I use them. One thing I didn’t mention but will do here: I plan on using tile sets and miniatures. Back in my day we had miniatures but we didn’t use them. I think they’re a valuable tool for the players. And, I plan on using context-appropriate background music. This is definitely a first for me and I’m excited to see where it goes.

That’s all I can share at the moment.